Optoma NuForce uDAC-3 Review

Optoma are a brand that many will have heard of before. Primarily known for their vast range of projectors available for pretty much every use under the sun. They also have a finger in various audio products that span headphones, DACs and amps. Today I am taking a look at one of their portable DAC’s (Digital Analogue Converter) which has a combined headphone amp, the uDAC-3.



Output impedance RCA 100 Ohm, Headphone 5.6 Ohm 
Maximum sampling rate  96 
Bit resolution  24 
Frequency response  20Hz-20kHz,THD+N:.005% 
Signal to noise ratio  98db 
Total harmonic distortion  0.05% 
Power supply  USB powered80mA/5V 
Native bit rate  32,16,24,48,88.2,96kHz 
Dynamic range  90dB 
Headphone power output  80m W [email protected] 
Volume control  Rotory 
USB sampling rates  44.1,48, 96 
Connectionsinput  USB 
Connections output  3.5mm stereo, Coax S/PDIF, RCA L+R 
Supported HD audio  96/24 
Weight  90g 
Dimensions (W x D x H) (mm)  68 x 38 x 21 
In the box  USB A-Micro cable, user’s manual 


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