GTA V Mods continue to look absolutely amazing

A week rarely goes by without a number of GTA V mods being released or being updated. In the last few days a newly released trailer for the Redux Mod has been released and I have to admit it looks absolutely stunning.

Of course the upgraded graphics are only one of the many things the Redux team has put into their mod. They have a rather extensive list of improvements applied into the game.

4K Textures are implemented, with most of the in-game ones swapped out in some way shape or form. This goes as far as to change the litter textures for stuff on the ground and adding new vehicle dirt textures.

Improved particle effects (with the particle counts increased overall) with improvements to how debris acts, and a change to the blood animations and how entry/exit woulds appear.

Changes have been made to the wanted level and its effects on you, with a number of new vehicles usable by the various forces to apprehend or kill you with.

Random events will also be increased with a larger degree of variation in general to the goings on, on the street. This includes the chance of seeing more police and a bigger effort to catch NPC criminals in-game as well as a greater variation in NPC reactions.

Most of you though and myself included will generally be extremely happy with the improved textures to make what was a beautiful and vibrant game even better than it was before.

GTA V Redux is heading our way on the 16th of September. Though if you can’t wait you can always install NaturalVision, which is a whole other kettle of fish…


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