MegaCon Live Birmingham 2022 Thoughts

It’s been a few weeks since the very first MegaCon Live show down in Birmingham so I thought I’d do a little writeup of how I thought it went.

Straight out of the gate I’m going to say that it was really fun.

There was a lot of talk about this new event taking up the slack from MCM who have dropped a few of the “smaller” events from their calendar. Since the former owner of MCM was known to be running the event it seemed a lot of the talk was centered around nostalgia for the older MCM event feel.

I have only a limited amount of experience with these early MCM events, but I want to say that MegaCon Live did feel like a more personal event than the MCM’s I have attended.

There layout was good and there were a huge amount of independent stalls selling uniquely cool stuff. Scattered about were bigger more well known stores that had more official (and some not so official) merchandise as well.

I was glad to see not so many “mystery grab bag” stalls, and now I think I’m not sure if did I saw any all.

Of course the main draw to me was taking photo’s of the amazingly talented cosplayers that attended in huge amounts, enjoying the sunny weather that decided to grace the weekend.

unfortunately my own anxiety prevented me from taking any photos of you around the event

I was able to take a few photos during the stage performances on Sunday and I also have video of them as well, but I am incredibly slow to upload them to my youtube channel but they will be there hopefully before the end of the week.

@phil_cgreen as Cruella from MegaCon Live

I really enjoyed my time at the event and hope to return next year and also potentially hit up the Manchester event in July as well (schedule permitting(

With Insomnia 68 coming up in just a day or so i’ll be back at the NEC hopefully taking more pictures so if you see me say hi!


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