Sannce 2K 4MP Super HD Webcam Review

Sannce are a relative newcomer to webcams, but have been in the industry of optics for a while now. Mainly catering to the Security Camera side of things.

They have jumped into the market of higher end webcams with the Sannce 2K 4MP Super HD Webcam (catchy name) and were kind enough to provide me with one to test.

So big thanks!

Specification wise the Sannce 2K 4MP Super HD Webcam (going to shorten that from now) is pretty impressive and certainly covers a lot of bases.

With support for 30fps at 2K resolution and 60fps at 1080p resolution. It also has a 90° FoV which means that it also covers a wide viewing angle.

The Sannce 2K comes with two built in omnidirectional microphones which are also noise cancelling which will surely help with video conferencing although if you are a streamer this will probably not mean much as you’ll likely have your own microphone to hand anyway.

It also has a built in ring light to help in darker environments.

Let’s take a better look at it though.

The box that Sannce supply is pretty slick and after you slide the outer sleeve off you can see some of the mentioned specs covering the outer edges.

Inside is obviously where all the goodies are, and you get a few of them with the Sannce 2K.

Accessories with the Sannce 2K

It comes with a magnetic stand and magnetic privacy cover (not pictured above) Sannce also throw in a small adjustable tripod which screws into the previously mentioned stand of the camera to allow you to use the camera in more environments as well.

You are also provided with a USB-C cable since the Sannce 2K connects by USB-C

Higlighted Microphones of the Sannce 2K

At the front, you can see the openings for the microphones on either side of the    camera and at the top is the ambient light sensor.

On the top of the Sannce 2K are the controls for the ring light. Tapping each side will increase/decrease the brightness of the ring lights and each step of brightness is shown on the line between the buttons.

Rear of the Sannce 2K

On the back is the USB-C port, with the Sannce 2K coming with a 1.8m cable which is a fairly standard length. Neither being too short or too long.

The magnetic stand of the senses. A very nice feature overall. It feels really well made and has the sentence logo on the front of it. It has a small rubber mat which is there probably to protect the cameras based from scratches. But it does a good job of helping keep the camera in place.


It has a couple of different points of articulation which allow you to effectively put the camera onto quite a lot of different surfaces. It can stand flat, and can be bent to allow it to sit on a monitor at the top. It can bend quite a way, which allows it to fit onto quite a large depth monitor as well, which is really nice.

The magnetic stand is also very strong It has quite a grip on the actual camera itself when attached and will take quite a bit of force before it becomes detached again. Although there’s a little notch at the back of the stand to help prevent it from sliding, which I don’t feel is actually necessary because of the actual strength the magnetism provides.

Privacy Cover on

The privacy cover is also magnetic and it’s a tiny point of annoyance, really. It snaps on very, very easily and is easy enough to remove once it’s actually applied but it’s a bit of an annoyance to store when you’re not using it. You can have it flipped the other way, which makes it stick out from the camera, or you can have it facing the back, but it means that part of the ring light is then covered, which can bring its own problems.

The ring light gets pretty bright

The magnetism again is very strong between the two parts though I also kind of wish that the cameras lens was further recessed because I feel that if there is dirt or dust it could cause it to scratch the plastic cover that protects the lens, which may make the camera not function correctly. In a long term solution, especially if you’re moving it between places a lot.

Interestingly enough I never really used the webcam for actual meetings as such. When I did I used it mainly for streaming and recording footage on my Twitch stream for when I was repairing a camera.

So I have it in on the top of the screen and pointing down, which it did absolutely perfectly. The magnetic base maintaining a strong secure hold on the Sannce 2K. As well as making short didn’t fall, you can see some video footage below of when I was doing it. Hopefully helping you make up your mind as to the quality of it, it felt fairly good.

When bringing things close to the camera to show. The Sannce 2K focused really quickly on the the more intricate cables and screws and stuff like that and the camera. It really performed well.

One of the main things I didn’t enjoy was the fact that there’s not really any software provided by Sannce to control the settings of the camera, no cropping or colour control or anything like that, and it’s generally has to be handled by the application that you using. So if the application itself doesn’t have any control options, you’re kind of left with what the default that Sannce gives, which can be perfectly fine but having that little bit of extra control. Would be a nice thing.


The Sannce 2K is a nice webcam. The price is a tiny bit high in my opinion but it has a lot of nice features. I like the fact its USB-C, I like the fact that has the built in ring light, I like the fact that you can easily change the orientation by just turning it on the stand, the removable privacy cover if a little bit awkward it still a nice addition.

The magnetic base because of how easy it is to detach the camera as well as because it’s not a permanent fixture is a smart idea. The audio quality is good, the video quality is very good in my opinion and the fact that it is plug and play with no control will be a plus to most. It’s a slight negative for me though even after I used it through OBS which allowed me to control some of the settings.

At the moment the Sannce 2K is available for about £108, which is like I mentioned say, probably just a bit on the on the expensive side and if it was just below £100, I probably would have tagged this as a great deal.

All said though this is still a good webcam and should deserve a look.


  • Nice Design
  • Built in ring light is a nice touch
  • Detachable cable
  • Magnetic stand / privacy cover are brilliant ideas
  • Video Quality is good


  • Price might be too high for some
  • No provided software for controlling features
  • Privacy cover might lead to scratches

You can go ahead and purchase the Sannce 2K from the Sannce main site or from Amazon

Once again many thanks to Sannce for providing this review item.


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