SGDQ 2014 In Final Day

SGDQ 2014 In Final Day

So Summer Games Done Quick 2014 is almost over for another year, but once again it is going to leave us by smashing its previous donation total for the event as a whole. Raising over $500,000 Dollars for Doctors Without Borders. If you missed the main event and want to catch any of the games you missed, you ..

Road Redemption – Gameplay Video Released

Road Redemption seems to be progressing nicely since meeting its Kickstarter goal last year, and today (or a few days ago) posted a gameplay update video, as a backer update, and it looks very nice! The video, which you have probably already watched, shows the current state of the game and even shows off a ..

Another one bites the dust

A good way to ring in a new year I have finally finished Bioshock, and whilst the game was very good (with some very annoying jump scares :/) I thought the ending was a bit poo. Just seemed to not be as rewarding as I thought it would be and it was just a bit ..

Yay another game off the list!

  I really don’t know why this is such a tough thing for me to complete, I picked up my PSP after a years absence and put in the required 4 hours or so to finish a game that had been on my list for a while. Finally I finished Crisis Core, which  was pretty ..

    There is only one thing that I want for Christmas this year, and in truth, it’s not really a gift for me; but the one item that that has caught my eye is an Animal GPS Tracker, which after attaching to a collar will record your pets movements through the day. I would personally attach it to ..