Megadrive Mini announced

Disregard all of the Megadrive consoles that have been released over the past 10 years, you know the ones that have notoriously been a bit poo. I’m looking at you Megadrive Classic. 

Sega has announced a Megadrive Mini, which is releasing in September this year. A first party alternative to those previously released devices. 

Obviously having been influenced by the NES mini and SNES mini, this console will have a number of bundled games from the Megadrive’s vast library.

So far 10 have been announced and the list is already looking pretty well rounded.

Favourites such as Ecco and Altered Beast are backed up by classics like Gunstar Heroes and Castlevania.

Only the original Sonic has been announced so far but I expect it won’t be too long before I expect some of the others are announced.

So far no word on a price but I expect it will not be too far off the other ‘Mini’ consoles launch prices.

Unlike the PlayStation, I expect that if it is hackable, there will probably be enough room to fit the whole library of games on the device.

Allowing you to have something first party that looks the part and contains all of your games.

It will come with two pads so expect some more co-op/multiplayer games to be announced over the coming months.

Follow along with the game announcements over at

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