Shaq Fu is actually coming out?

Shaq Fu The Legend Reborn has been a worry of mine for a bit of time now. I first wrote about it almost 4 years ago as it hit its crowd funding goal.

Since then there have been a few updates here and there but apart from a few short trailers, its all been a bit hush hush and to be honest I thought it might become a big piece of vapour-ware.

But all is not lost, Shaq Fu is going to be hitting release in the spring of this year if the email I received is to be believed anyway.

The original game was lauded for its terribleness with one group setting out to destroy every known copy of the game This means that Shaq Fu a Legend Reborn doesn’t have a lot to do if it wants to be a better game than the original.

The long time in development means that a lot of people will be expecting something that is not rubbish though.

The short video uploaded 7 months ago does show a bit of the game play and it does look like it might be a fun game. Though why Shaq wears a cactus suit is still unclear.

No solid release date has been announced and no recent videos have surfaced showing anything more so take the release date with a grain of salt (It isn’t showing as rated on ESRB yet)

I do hope it sees the light of day though!

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