Spring Insomnia – A few weeks away

Insomnia 62 is just a few short weeks away and is taking place once again over the Easter Bank Holiday.

Whilst the spring event is normally a smaller affair than the one that takes place over the Summer Bank Holiday. It still has plenty of events and attractions to keep you busy over the weekend.

Holding on to its title of the UK’s biggest gaming festival, Insomnia plays host to a number of large tournaments and has one of the biggest BYOC (Bring Your Own Computer) Lan sections. You can meet likeminded gamers and should you be able to play games without interruption for 24H+

Retro gaming has its own section again this year and will no doubt contain all the games from you childhood. Their will also be stalls on hand so that if you so wish you can have chance to own it.

Cosplay will have a large showing again, with the good people of Costume and Play taking the reigns to put on an excellent package of talks and masquerades over the weekend. It will be nice to see some familiar faces!

Special guests galore will be heading on down as well with a number of high profile YouTubers making the trip. In fact there are far too many to list, so head on over to https://www.insomniagamingfestival.com/insomnia/whats-on?categories=special-guests to get the lowdown on the who’s who that will be there.


If you are interested in actually going and why wouldn’t you be, head on over to https://www.theticketfactory.com/insomnia/online/ to buy your tickets!

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