Well that’s awesome! – Castlevania remade in Unreal Engine

I’m amazed I hadn’t found this sooner, but it seems like someone is making a lot of effort in remaking Castlevania using the Unreal Engine and I have to say it looks very promising.


It seems like the creator Dejawolfs has been working on this project for a number of months and last week posted their latest update.

From the design, this is a true to original remake with obviously improved graphics. Dejawolfs has kept the sidescrolling level design although with added depth to the level.

In a more recent post Dejawolfs states that the framerate is massively improved thanks to a change in the lighting and particle effects.

Even so it looks very impressive despite its very rough and ready appearance.

You can go vote for this entry in the Halloween Jam over here if you feel it is most worthy entrant. You can even download a copy of it in its current state over here

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