Arctic Freezer 12 – Tower Cooler – Review


It’s nice to see that Arctic are still using carbon neutral packaging for their coolers. And it’s nice not to have packaging that has massive amounts of dead space.

The front shows simple graphic of the cooler.

The sides show more information about the coolers passive ability and some of the design choices made to make the cooler more efficient such as octagonal fan struts.

The reverse shows a bit more information about the mounting and further design choices made with the Freezer 12.

The cooler is really compact and it seems a bit miniature compared to some of the other coolers I have used in the past.

The fan has a nice shroud which helps with channelling the air through the fins of the cooler and makes it easy to remove for installation.

Though as you can see from this shot of the rear, my Arctic Freezer 12 did not survive the transit fully intact. Granted mine did have to make it all the way from Germany.

The base of the cooler is where the copper heat pipes live and they are direct contact with an ever so slight gap on the machined surface.

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