Arctic Freezer 12 – Tower Cooler – Review

In Practice

Unfortunately, because my build is fairly new I have not had a chance to test a massive range of coolers.

This means that I will be testing the Freezer 12 against the stock Wraith cooler. Now in order to keep a constant between the two. I cleaned the Wraith’s thermal paste and applied a layer of Arctic MX-4 from a tube recently purchased from CCL (Go buy some)

I like to think that Arctic are one of the last pillars of simple style and design. In the age of RGB Arctic’s cooler designs have remained practically unaltered since their inception. Though I have to admit with RGB RAM the white fan on the Arctic does reflect the light very well.

Fitting the Arctic Freezer 12 fairly simple. For AMD you use the standard metal back plate that comes with your motherboard and the two clips.

Firstly, you need to attach the clips to the base of the cooler with 2 screws and then using the only 4 screws that will fit, screw each corner to the original AM4 backplate.

The Arctic Freezer 12 is also exceptionally quiet, even over my prolonged stress tests it barely went over a whisper.



The following temperatures were recorded using Ryzen Master, AMD’s tool for overclocking Ryzen series processors.

The idle temperature was observed after 1 hour of the machine being switched on and low level usage. To stress test Prime 95 was used with small FFT’s for a period of 30 minutes which would allow the temperatures to top out.

Each test was performed 3 times with an average of the temperatures observed being noted. These temperatures were the delta from the idle room temperature which also monitored at each test.

The results really speak for themselves, with a noticeable drop in both temps for the Arctic cooler. I have to admit I never saw the fan in a stopped state, although I am glad as this would still make me feel uneasy if I were to see it happen.

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