Arctic Freezer 12 – Tower Cooler – Review


The Arctic Freezer 12 is a very capable and compact cooler. It had no issues cooling my Ryzen 1700 even during the most intense of loads. The idle temps were good and although in my use the cooler always span up. (I’m kinda glad to be honest)

The under load temperatures were where the Arctic Freezer 12 shined, with a vast difference in the temperatures under load when compared to the AMD Wraith.

I really like the simplicity of the mounting mechanism used by Arctic for the AMD socket, it uses partially threaded screws to screw into the original AM4 back plate which means that you can’t over tighten them. Making installation almost fool proof.

It is also available for around £25 online which makes it a steal in my opinion!

I just want to footnote this review as I have to admit that as good as the Arctic Freezer 12 is, I also really liked the AMD Wraith cooler that came with the AMD Ryzen 1700 as a whole. It performed really well for a stock cooler and shows that not all stock coolers are terrible.

But in the end, it is plain to see that Arctics quality and ethos result in a cooler that simply ‘works’ no mess and no fuss and I am happy to award the Arctic Freezer 12 cooler the DavePlays Choice award!


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