Mistel SLEEKER MD870 – Review

Mistel are a company whose products I have had the pleasure of looking at a few times over the past few years. They made their entry into the mechanical keyboard market with the split designed Barocco in both RGB and non-backlit models.

They have recently released the Freeboard, which was a standalone NumPad and even more recently released the 10-keyless MD870 SLEEKER which is what I will be looking at today.

As the style suggests, this is a keyboard that lacks the 10 keys (and a few more) of the number pad area.


Interface USB (Type-C)
Cable Length 1.5m
Switch Type Cherry MX Brown (others available)
Backlighting White
Materials Used Aluminium casing, PBT Key caps
Weight 1.42kg
Anti Ghosting Full N-Key Rollover
Media Keys As a secondary function
Included Extra’s Key puller, replacement key caps

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