Mistel SLEEKER MD870 – Review

In Practice

First thing to note is that the Mistel MD870 SLEEKER, like previous Mistel keyboards, requires no drivers with all features and functionality being handled directly by the hardware.

After simply plugging it in (with the included adapter in my case), you are ready to roll.mn
So first and foremost, the keyboard supports full N-key rollover. You can see this in the screen shot of Aqua Key Test below.

Switch Hitter is a program that allows for testing of key chatter and again, you can see that there was zero registered when the SLEEKER was put to it.

You can also hear me perform a typing test in the video below. The particular one I received had Cherry MX Brown switch, which has a tactile bump but is also pretty lightweight. My preferred switch type has been Cherry MX clears, but they are exceedingly hard to find in modern keyboards.

The Mistel MD870 SLEEKER although only having white LED’s for the back light does have different lighting modes available to you through pressing Fn + 5 on the keyboard itself.

The two modes simply being, breathing and solid which you can see in the short video below. (I refuse to count Off as a lighting mode)

These two modes hark back to the early days lighting modes and I hope that they add a few more in via firmware upgrades in future (Like Ducky’s raindrop mode)

The lighting does have the adverse effect of shining through on some of the larger keys, with bright spots visible through the top of them, but overall thanks to the white backplate, the reflectiveness of the keycaps themselves and the design of the Mistel MD870 SLEEKER mean it does look pretty nice overall.

Mistel SLEEKER Lit Up

With the main keycaps featuring Mac legends, you can tell the primary aim of this dual-purpose keyboard is people that have Apple devices. This is confirmed even more by the USB-C to USB-C cable that is included.

You can of course use this on a Windows PC, as I have, and the replacement keycaps do alleviate some of the minor problems however the main F-row retain their Mac specific functions.

Of course, nothing is stopping you from replacing the keycaps starting your journey in joining in the huge mechanical keyboard community though the included PBT ones with the MD870 SLEEKER are of very good quality.

I did have my doubts over the little USB-C to USB-A did have me slightly worried. When I first saw it and plugged the TYPE-C connector in I thought it wouldn’t be as stable or secure this was not the case. Although I would have still liked a USB-A to USB-C full cable in the box rather than the adaptor.

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