Mistel SLEEKER MD870 – Review


I know in the past I did have a bit of a poke at the build quality of the Mistel keyboards, the MD870 SLEEKER however reaffirms my review of the RGB Barocco in that Mistel are improving all the time.

The MD870 SLEEKER is an absolute tank of a keyboard, the sheer weight and materials used make for a keyboard that is a pleasure to type on, even for long periods of time.

Price wise, the MD870 SLEEKER is expected to retail for €179 which is a reasonable price for such a fantastic keyboard and as Mistel say is “built to last a lifetime”

The overall look of the keyboard is a nice break from a number of gaming keyboards on the market today and the chance of having this in such a wide variety of switches should appeal to most.

The lack of replacement keycaps for function row is a bit disappointing more so because of the fact they include a small amount to replace the modifiers. It seems a tad ½ of a job.

The typing experience is lovely and I am having serious thoughts about replacing the Ducky Year of the Snake I currently use at work with this behemoth even despite the lack of a number pad.

Despite my slight reservations, this keyboard is one I can happily recommend to those looking for something stylish, that will likely outlive them.

I would like to thank Mistel for sending it along for review!

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