Mistel X-VIII – Mechanical Keyboard Review

Outside of the box

You get a nice little pack of accessories, which include a Mistel branded key puller, some replacement keycaps (including an orange escape key and a stepped Caps Lock.

MISTEL X-VIII BT - Accessories

You of course get a manual which covers all the options on the keyboard. This includes the Macro configuration which I will go into a bit more later.

If you go for a Bluetooth model, like the one here, you will also get a pack of AAA batteries.

Overall, it’s a nice pack of accessories

Underneath, you have the USB-C port the on/off switch for the Bluetooth, battery compartment and dip switches. The dip switches control a few more advanced features including turning on the macro functions.

You have stepped keyboard feet which have three levels of adjustment (if you count laying it flat)

They all have strips of rubber to stop them slipping.


The full keyboard itself is made from a very rough finish plastic and it provides a very different look and feel to most keyboards.


The keycaps are all PBT double-shot and designed to last. They use a second layer of plastic to create the legends and are very hard wearing.


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