Mistel X-VIII – Mechanical Keyboard Review

In Practice

The Mistel X-VIII’s build quality is impressive. The aforementioned PBT keycaps tie the whole keyboard together. One slight downside is the plastic case, since other premium keyboards have begun to use metal cases it feels like a small step down.

The USB-C port is centred nicely, but you don’t get much in the way of keyboard routing options. With a simple straight out the middle design.

MISTEL X-VIII BT - On/Off and Channel

It’s easy to say that they want the keyboard to be used in Bluetooth mode. Especially since the battery compartment would interfere with routing out to the left.

But it would be nice to have had a few more options.

Cable users that use an aftermarket cable may run into further issues as well, since the slot for the cable to come out of is quite narrow. This means that you might not be able to fit a thicker cable or connector in at all.

Mistel have opted to use Cherry Style stabilizers under the larger keys and as is my experience normally, they are solid and unassuming.

Mistel have released this keyboard in two colour schemes. Gloaming, which is a white and charcoal modifiers design and the one I received which is called Glaze Blue, which is dark blue and darker blue modifiers, this one has a yellow legends which are a nice contrast.


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