Mistel X-VIII – Mechanical Keyboard Review

In Use

Mistel sell the X-VIII with a few different switch variants the one I received came with Cherry MX Speed Silvers, which are a slightly altered linear switch.

They have a higher actuation point and a lower amount of travel which make them more responsive than previous Cherry MX linear switches.

With that you can tell there is some focus for this keyboard for gaming, as much as the aesthetics scream workhorse.

So of course, despite typing this whole review on the Mistel and using it as a daily driver/workhorse for the past 3 weeks or so. I had to see how it performed.

With the release of CyberPunk2077 which I have been enjoying immensely (as much as there is hate for it) through several long gaming sessions, the Mistel X-VIII has endured it all without so much of a hiccup.

Even when using Bluetooth, there seems to be no noticeable lag in input. I would still recommend using a wired connection if you are going to be using it for gaming primarily though. (no chance of the batteries going mid way through a session then)

Speaking of Bluetooth, pairing up the Mistel X-VIII could not be simpler, just turn the Bluetooth on and then hit the pairing key combination (Fn and 6/7/8) and then you can connect to your device by searching for it in the Bluetooth control panel. Just be aware no BT adaptor is included so you’ll need to provide your own.

You can pair up to 3 different devices and select them using the same key combo to pair them.

One of the main features the Mistel X-VIII ships with is its built in macro ability. Which surprisingly allows the remapping of any key to any other key. There are four layers on the keyboard, 3 of which can be used for this macro mode and to have the keys switched.

You need to flip one of the switches underneath to initially enable the Macro mode and you cannot use the DIP switches 2 and 4 when macro mode is enabled as they both change some of the key locations.

If you want a little more info on this setup the full manual can be found at the Mistel Website Here

There are also 3 dedicated media keys and a dedicated calculator button above the number pad for ease of access. With secondary functions across F1-F12 for play/pause etc.


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