Sapphire R9-280 Dual-X Review



Once again a very impressive card from Sapphire, taking a couple of steps up over the 260X reviewed a few weeks ago, the Sapphire R9-280 Dual-X is a card that has brilliant performance. It chewed through the benchmark tests as well as any game I played outside of these tests. So for those stuck with 1080p screens who want all the eye candy this card is a great choice.

It could be said that it looks a bit bland when you compare it to the more adventurous colour schemes that Sapphire have used, but for me this is a bit of a welcomed change as it means it will generally look okay in most builds, and certainly it fit right in my Orange Aero Cool Dead Silence.

One thing I have issue with is the inclusion of two power adaptors in the box, as it may lead to people putting this card in with a subpar power supply and that can only end one way.

All of this performance means that I am happy to award the Sapphire R9-280 Dual-X a DavePlays Bronze Award.

Thanks are in order to Sapphire for providing me with a chance to review this card.

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