4 Games Similar to ‘Devil May Cry’

4 Games Similar to ‘Devil May Cry’

While fans are waiting to get their hands on the new Devil May Cry 5, which is set to come out in March, you might want to kill time by playing titles similar to the Devil May Cry franchise — and we don’t blame you. It’s been a while since the last release, with DmC: Devil May Cry debuting way back in 2013. And if you’ve fallen in love with Devil May Cry’s stylish hack-and-slash gameplay, you’ll definitely enjoy these games.


The Bayonetta franchise is perhaps the closest relative to Devil May Cry because they share the same creator, Hideki Kamiya. Naturally, they both feature flashy combat scenes. The difference is that the Bayonetta franchise is over the top. The titular character’s design alone is out of this world, since she is clothed in her own hair.

Bayonetta is a witch who can use a combination of firearms and summoning magic to defeat her angelic foes. She is also capable of taking the form of different animals. The games follow her journey as she discovers the secrets of her past, which she has no memory of.

Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance

This game is very underrated. Revengeance was released during a time when the character action genre was nearing the end of its reign. But if you play it today, the gameplay still holds up.

Supanova points out that Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance’s combat system focuses more on reflexes and timing rather than a string of complicated combos. In a sense, it’s a lot simpler than Devil May Cry, but no less fun. The narrative focuses on the concept of cybernetics and how it is used for destructive purposes. Players take on the role of Raiden, a katana-wielding cyborg who goes up against a private military company that attacked his team.

God of War

The original God of War games featured fast and intense combo-based gameplay as well as plenty of puzzles and quick time events. They follow Kratos’ wrath-filled quest of hunting down all of the gods in the Greek Pantheon.

While the new edition of God of War features Norse mythology, there is still merit in the classic games that focused on Greek myths. Greek gods are some of the most recognisable mythological characters, as proven in movies like the Percy Jackson franchise, Clash of the Titans, and Hercules. It’s no wonder that games based on them are still around today.

Aside from God of War, there are more recent games like Kronos and Zeus God of Thunder that can be found on online gaming platform Slingo. These titles’ depictions of the deities are similar to that of the God of War series as well as several of the movies. Hence, they’re designed to appeal to a wide audience. With these around, it’s clear that games based on ancient Greek myths are still very popular among mainstream gaming audiences.

NieR: Automata

This 2017 video game marked PlatinumGames’ return to form while also introducing unconventional game design concepts. It’s stylish, insane, cool, and rarely boring. Learning from his experiences making games like Bullet Witch in the now-defunct developer Cavia, Yoko Taro designed NieR: Automata in much better form.

The story itself is bound to grip you. God is a Geek describes the narrative as “layer upon layer of bombastic storytelling” that builds a fascinating tale of violence and revenge, but also friendship and hope. The gameplay centres around a team of military-grade androids that are sent to Earth to reclaim it from a race of murderous machines. It also features multiple endings, thereby raising its replay value.


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