Awesome Games Done Quick is over!

Awesome Games Done Quick is over for another year and with it another massive amount of money raised for charity.

This year was no exception, breaking last years donation total by bringing in $2.3M dollars. With the usual Kill/Save the animals being a massive source for donations, with kill the animals taking the lead this year showing that speedrunning is more important.

There were a number of good runs, which can be easily accessed at the site and out of all the runs, I can recommend the bad block.

Which showcases games that were bad upon release and are certainly as bad now. But these janky games draw runners that are some of the funnest to watch, in particular Coolkids run of A Week of Garfield is very good.

A game that I have beaten casually, Coolkid just smashes through it in just over 10 minutes. It took me a lot longer than that to beat and there is a lot of tech going on that you don’t really notice.

a lot of the games haven’t been uploaded to YouTube just yet so you’ll have to make do with a twitch link to see the run.

In other news, if you need your speedrun fix, UKSG Winter 2019. A two day speedrunning event begins this weekend. Starting at 11am on Saturday and finishing Sunday at around 9pm.

A smaller event, but no less filled with exceptionally talented runners showcasing some of the smaller games you might not see at a GDQ.

You can find a full schedule for it over at


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