Nippon Marathon – Available on Steam Early Access

If you remember a few months ago I had a brief go of Nippon Marathon, an upcoming game from Onion Soup Interactive. Well I have good news, it is now available on Steams Early Access Platform.

It is a game that harks back to the good old days of local multiplayer games like Micro Machines and Donkey Kong Racing. To put simply you get power ups and use those powerups to KO the other racers and win the glory, all of this with a bit of Takeshi’s Castle thrown in as you avoid obstacles and dogs through the courses.

This Early Access release is just the start and Onion Soup have said they intend to bring this frantic game to the likes of the Nintendo Switch, PS4 and Mac later this year.

Featuring drop in / drop out play, wacky courses and more surprises than you can shake a shiba at. This is a game I can’t wait to come out in full!

Read more over at which is coincidentally where you can also buy it.

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