Razer Hammerhead Pro Review – From China With Love

I recently took a punt on buying from Geek, an application available for Android and Apple devices. If you are not aware, it is a site like Alibaba and  and facilitates purchases between companies in China mainly and the rest of the world. Often there are inherent problems when purchasing things from China the main problem is counterfeit products. Which has a bearing on this review which I will cover later.

My first purchase from Geek, was this set of headphones. The price? A shade under £15, which when compared to Razer’s own price of £64.99 should have rung alarm bells in most people’s heads about the legitimacy of the product. Now I won’t comment on the general consensus that Razer prices are generally are generally thought to have a rather large profit margin. Even stating that little tidbit will probably put me in the big black books of Razer..

One thing about China is that 99% of products are made there. If you are lucky with your purchase you will be getting the same product but potentially direct from the maker and the savings are often huge.

So first things first. Are these legit headphones? I have asked an old friend at Razer to confirm it for me but as he mentioned that they don’t track headphones via serial it will be hard to know. From the packaging it seems like they are.

Anyway, they are here now so whilst I wait for the RazerMan to give me the green light I may as well give them a review. I mean it might not be a total waste of time; if they are legit….

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